Wild Rose Ladycat Alexa Gravunder maneuvers by a defending Marion Lady Mustang to shoot and score 2 of 4 fourth quarter points for a 32-22 lead in the girls Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) first round basketball game on Feb. 24.

Wild Rose defeats Lady Mustangs in first round

Despite some offensive struggles the Wild Rose Ladycats still knocked off the Marion Lady Mustangs, 35-26, in a very low fouling first round Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) basketball game on Feb. 24.

“Tonight was a great team victory for us,” said Head Coach Bruce Williams. “So many players stepped up for us when we needed them most. When [Johanna] Shepard hurt her ankle late in the second quarter, you could feel the air come out of the team a little bit. I’m so proud of the girls for shaking that off, and playing together, especially in the second half.”

Williams added, “I’m also so proud of Shepard for dealing with the pain and staying out on the court. I can’t say enough about our seniors—[Kenzie] Dorsett, [Haley] Stoll, and Shepard—in what they do for the team on and off the court. We hang our hat on the defensive end, and that’s what allowed us to win seven in a row.”

Wild Rose seemed to have a handle on things in the first quarter. Five players were able to make their mark on the board, with Bre Marchan leading the way with 5 points, ending with a three-pointer, and Shepard with 4 points. Ashley Schmidt added a three-pointer to allow for a sizable Ladycat lead.

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