Tri-County junior, Cordell Sharp makes the basket in 47-35 loss to the Rosholt Hornets Feb. 10. Sharp led the Penguins in scoring with 10 points.

Penguins lose to Rosholt, 47-35

The Tri-County Penguins played host to the Rosholt Hornets Feb. 10 for a CWC-10 conference matchup. The Penguins played a great game, but were not able to hold on as they lost 35-47.

Tri-County started out on a high note, ending the first quarter with a 12-11 lead over the Hornets. Stone Stommel, 6 points, Dayton Jones, 4 points, and Kasey Zdroik, 2 points, recorded Tri-County’s 12 points.

The Penguins started with a 4-0 lead and then allowed Rosholt to score once before they scored an additional 4 points to bring the score to 8-2. Tri-County would put up an additional 4 points with Rosholt adding 9.