The Wautoma Hornets took home the traveling trophy Ozzie the Goat after winning 58-51 against their South Central Conference rivals the Westfield Pioneers on Feb. 3. The Hornets will keep Ozzie until the 2015-16 season.

Hornets defeat Pioneers, 58-51

Eagan scores 27 points

The Wautoma Hornets traveled to Westfield to face their South Central Conference rival Feb. 3 and hopefully bring home the coveted Ozzie the Goat traveling trophy. With Ozzie on the line, the Hornets were able to pull off the 58-51 road win.

Westfield and Wautoma came out fighting in the first period, with both teams putting up strong numbers. Greg Winkelman and Nick Holly were able to sink three-pointers for the Pioneers and Jack Eagan tallied one from behind the arc for the Hornets. Wautoma went on to outscore their opponents 13-12 in the first quarter, with 9 of Wautoma’s 13 points coming from Eagan.