Senior dining delivery menu


Monday, Oct. 19: Hot Delivery. Swiss steak, mashed potatoes, vegetable blend, whole wheat bread, fruited gelatin.

Tuesday, Oct. 20: Shrimp and mushroom whole wheat pasta with creamy herb sauce, broccoli, fruit cocktail.

Wednesday, Oct. 21: Hot delivery. Bulk Frozen Pick-up. Chicken dumpling soup with crackers, veggie pizza, pineapple, ice cream.

Thursday, Oct. 22: Ring bologna, baked beans, potato salad, rye bread, apple Snicker salad.

Friday, Oct. 23: Hot Delivery. Baked chicken, green bean almondine, squash, wheat roll, fruit.

Current Delivery Proce-dures:

■Monday Hot Delivery includes Monday’s hot meal and Tuesday’s hot meal.

■Wednesday Hot Delivery includes Wednesday’s hot meal and Thursday’s hot meal.

■Friday Hot Delivery includes Friday’s hot meal and up to 2 weekend frozen meals.

■Bulk Frozen meals available for pick-up at dining centers on Wednesdays (order by noon Monday). No specific menu, but a variety of nutritious, delicious meals will be served.

■Delivered meals will be left near the door. Driver must observe them being received.

■All meals will include 2% milk and there will not be a diet dessert option.

■Meals are available for a donation for 60+ and spouse of any age.

■Menus are subject to change.