Senior dining delivery menu


Monday, Jan. 18: Hot Delivery. Baked chicken, parsley red potatoes, carrots, veggie bread, fruit.

Tuesday, Jan. 19: Vegetable soup, whole grain crackers, ham and Swiss on whole grain croissant, cottage cheese, peaches.

Wednesday, Jan. 20: Hot Delivery. Bulk frozen Pick-up. Lemon baked fish, wild rice blend, vegetable blend, coleslaw, fresh orange.

Thursday, Jan. 21: Chicken cordon bleu (includes ham), scalloped spinach, calico beans, fruited gelatin.

Friday, Jan. 22: Hot Delivery. Beef pot roast with potatoes and  carrots, whole grain biscuit, pears, whole grain chocolate chip bar.

Current delivery proce-dures and reminder:

•Monday Hot Delivery includes Monday and Tuesday hot meals.

•Wednesday Hot Delivery includes Wednesday and Thursday hot meals.

•Friday Hot Delivery includes Friday hot meal and up to 2 weekend frozen meals.

•Meal will be delivered near the door. Drivers must observe that the meal is received and are required to keep at least 6 feet of distance when possible.

•All meals include
2 percent milk.

•Bulk, Frozen meals are available for pick-up on Wednesday (order by noon Monday). No specific menu, but a variety of delicious meals will be served.