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Redgranite Quarry closes to the public until further notice

The Village Board of Redgranite held an emergency meeting on June 22, where the village board voted to close the infamous Redgranite Quarry until further notice.


Reports made from a number of the Village of Redgranite Police Department addressed the overwhelming reports made within the last month surrounding the Quarry. With many pools and lakes closed around the State, many have chosen to venture to the iconic landmark. The word has spread through increased use of social media within this new generation, bringing in people from all across the State, and many from out of State.

The Board wants to ensure the safety of residents and village staff, therefore the decision was made to shut it down. The concern for the police department runs high, with many threats having been made towards officers and the increase of vulgar activity.

With the shutdown will come changes, as the Village works to bring the Quarry back to its roots. The landmark is an important asset to Redgranite, and the Board wants the public to admire it as the home of the state rock and as a family friendly environment.

With the shutdown brings restrictions to the public. There will be no swimming, fishing, hiking, and no public access for the time being. The Village will be looking into enforcement measures, such as snow fencing and metal closure signs, with Dan Sanchez, of Friends of Redgranite Quarry, and Pat Lesage, of Rock Coffee House, willing to possibly donate metal posts and stakes.


This period of time will also be used in preparing the area for safer use in the future. This will include installment of no parking signs and clearing of brush and trees for easy access. The Board will be hosting a committee meeting to work out the details of future plans for the iconic Quarry.

Village Board President, Belinda Passarelli, reiterates her appreciation of the community for what they have done to keep the area beautiful. Locals have been picking up trash, and maintaining the Quarry until this point.


The Village Board voted to keep the Quarry closed until further notice, but appreciates everything residents have done.