White River Flowage chairman requests hunters to stay clear of north end

To the Editor:

During a pre-treatment survey of the White River Flowage in July of this year, our contractor detected the presence of a new invasive plant...Flowering Rush. 

According to all our sources, this plant is extremely detrimental to any body of water. This plant spreads like wildfire and can completely overwhelm any body of water where it is present. It is more damaging than Eurasian Water Milfoil, which is currently plaguing many of our local lakes. This is not good!  

The infestation on the White River Flowage is located on the north end by the wild rice beds. I am asking that all fishermen and hunters stay clear of this area. The White River Flowage Lake Management District is in the process of applying for a costly emergency DNR three-year grant to help us chemically eradicate this new invasive aquatic plant. Even with the grant, it will still cost the district members over $10,000. 

Four different chemicals must be used to eradicate this plant. It will require close monitoring in the form of GPS-mapping and detailed plant inspections for the next several years. This is a new invasive plant for Waushara County, but the Weyauwega Millpond has been completely taken over by Flowering Rush.

There is no association or district at the Weyauwega Millpond so the problem will continue. There are pictures of Flowering Rush online, however the infestation on the White River Flowage is not presently in bloom.

I am asking all fishermen, hunters, and pleasure boaters to please stay out of the north end of the White River Flowage until our district can get this situation under control. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. 

If you have any questions, please contact me at 787-5969.

 /s/ Michael Geier, Chairman White River Flowage Lake Management District