What ever happened to the ‘True Meaning of Christmas?’

To the Editor:


The Birth of Jesus – Peace on Earth and Good Will to Men and also the wonderment of Christmas (not Xmas).

 It’s too late for 2016, but may be we can remember for 2017.

When I was a kid I remember Billy the Brownie and the big Christmas Parade sponsored by the department store going downtown to see the store windows all decorated with animated mannequins – snowmen-music-elves and, and of course, Santa.

This was after Thanks-giving before someone came up with the idea of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

When we went to bed on Christmas Eve there wasn’t a tree in the living room but there was a plate with cookies for Santa and some sugar cubes for the reindeer. The Nativity Set was in a special place.

With lots of love we woke up Christmas morning and magically there was decorated tree and a few gifts under the tree and some of the cookies were gone and all the sugar cubes.

Santa sure was busy!

Now Christmas is more commercial. We rush Christ-mas before Thanksgiving. Our trees are up and by the 30th of December they have been taken down.

The Valentine merchandise is on display and the 15th of February the Easter goodies are on display.

What is the rush? Life goes by so fast and we are pushing it to the limit.

Try to bring back the true meaning of Christmas – church, family dinner, fun laughter and JOY – J-Jesus, O-Others, Y-yourself. 

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a healthy New Year.


/s/ Rosie Gulbronson, Neshkoro