Wautoma resident shares his appreciation for new band director

To the Editor:

About 15 years ago, the Wautoma High School had a band program that was one of the best in the state, a source of pride for the whole community. Harv Erdman and Cal Olson had great bands. Remember? The kids were so proud! A program like that can fall apart fast, and it takes time to rebuild.
If you missed the WHS band concert on May 16, you missed the turning of the corner. Mrs. Kristin Albright took the few kids she had and made them sound great.
Kudos to the seniors and other upper classmen who hung in there during the lean years. Well done! To the underclassmen and middle school students, we are expecting great things from you.
Parents, please encourage your kids to get involved. They will gain so much. I’m looking forward to a resurgence of the pride in WHS.

/s/ Bob Howard, Wautoma