Wautoma resident reflects on recent visit from Democratic candidates

To the Editor:

Is politics addicting? Re-cently, I began to withdraw from political action. But after last week’s four-county Democrats gathering in Wautoma to meet Kathleen Vinehout and Mandela Barnes, I have hope ... again.

They are, respectively, young and middle aged, black and white, urban and rural, male and female, from Wisconsin’s Northwest and Southeast. They would represent the diversity that is Wisconsin. They are for the people. They are KV and MB. Even their initials rhyme.

In Vinehout and Barnes, we have experienced candidates who have worked in the Wisconsin Legislature. He is currently a Senator from Alma, he served two terms in the Assembly, from 2012-2016. They share fun-damental beliefs on the role of government to educate, protect the environment and promote employment that safely supports families and protects workers’ rights.

After the talks, I told Kathleen Vinehout I’m already planning a Waushara-Marquette-Green Lake County grass roots campaign for her. She was my favorite to run against Gov. Scott Walker in the recall election. She pulled a stack of bumper stickers and brochures out of a plastic bin and handed them to me, with thanks.

I told Mandela Barnes that he convinced me to work for him after I read an article and heard him speak. He had a brief look of surprise but responded positively to my enthusiasm about the team they’d make, how much I want them to win their respective primaries in September.

I have given up on politics nearly as many times as I’ve quit smoking cigarettes. Is public policy work addictive? Maybe. A confluence of circumstances leads me to give it one more try. Last Thursday in Wautoma I met a pair who’d make a perfect Democratic ticket for Wisconsin Governor and Lieutenant Governor. 

/s/ Ann Meyer Schmidt, Wautoma