Wautoma resident express human trafficking concerns

Letter to the Editor


When I shop in stores or online I wonder about the people who made the item I am about to purchase. Do they have good working conditions, a living wage, benefits such as sick leave, family leave, paid vacation. Or are they products of modern day slavery, human trafficking, and child labor?

I look for the Fair Trade symbol, on food too, but it isn’t on too many products. The parish I belong to, St. Joseph Parish, Wautoma, places two Community Orders through Serrv a year.

The purchases made are guaranteed to be Fair Trade items. Sure would be great to know if other goods I purchase were.

There is an Act that is before Congress now that could help. Congress must pass the Business Supply Chain Transparency on Trafficking and Slavery Act now to make sure that the products we purchase are not made using child and forced labor, slaves, or victims of human trafficking.

This legislation, if passed, would play an important role in making sure the workers are respected and fight conditions that allow human trafficking, child labor and slavery to exist in our world today.

Thanks to people becoming more aware of human trafficking it is no longer a hidden crime committed overseas. Today, more companies are aware of the possible existence of modern-day slavery in their global operations and supply chains.

As a consumer who wants to know about who is making the products, both merchandise and food, and what their working conditions are this Act would make it easier for me to make an informed decision.

I would rather pay more money for a product I know was sold by a company that made sure the workers who made it were not part of modern-day slavery then from a company that doesn’t. Would be great to know which company was which.

That is why, I am urging Congress to pass the Business Supply Chain Transparency on Trafficking and Slavery Act now. 


/s/ Patricia Bero, Wautoma