Wautoma Police Chief announces Click It or Ticket mobilization


To the Editor,

To prevent deaths and injuries, Wautoma Police Department along with law enforcement agencies from all over Wisconsin will intensify our safety belt enforcement efforts during the annual Click It or Ticket mobilization from May 18 to 31.  

For drivers and passengers, it’s not pleasant being stopped and getting a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. But believe me, if it takes a ticket to get you to wear a seat belt, our officers will not hesitate to write one. 

For our officers, writing a ticket is infinitely better than having to tell a family that a loved one was seriously injured or killed in a crash. We must deliver this tragic news even when we know that a safety belt could have prevented that injury or death. And that’s why we take safety belt enforcement seriously.

Buckling up is quick, easy, and a proven lifesaver.  So during Click It or Ticket and throughout the year, please buckle up—day or night and every time you drive or ride in a vehicle.

/s/ Chief Paul Weiss
Wautoma Police Department