Tri-County graduate expresses appreciation for Over 50 Committee

To the Editor:

I am writing to share my appreciation for Ron Bender, Dalene Williams Rendall, Sally Haviland Yohn, Barb Cummings Rosener, Pat Otto Hall, Lois Flyte Marshall, Judy Marshall Ward, Kay Goman Aanensen, Jack Buchanan, Joel Aanensen, Larry Flyte, Ed Schultz, Bernadette Schulist Sherman, and Ron Meddaugh. These wonderful people comprised the Over 50 Reunion Committee from Plainfield High School, Hancock High School and Tri-County High School.

As a 1985 graduate of Tri-County, I was asked to share my Pentagon 9/11 experience with all of those in attendance at the reunion on Aug. 5. I was honored and humbled.

Thank you to everyone who attended the reunion and listened to my story and shared stories of your own from that day. Thanks to those men and women I served alongside of on that fateful day in September 2001. You will never be forgotten.


Sherry Leach-Caves, Sergeant First Class, United States Army Retired 1985 Graduate of Tri-County High School