Trexell voices response to dry ponds

To the Editor:

I had to chuckle a little while reading the letter from Mr. Wilke in Spring Lake that blamed the loss of his pond on farmers pumping too much water from the aquifer. I grew up on the land between Silver Lake and Lake Irogami. My folks built the house and cottage that are there just as you turn in to the Silvercryst road.         

As a youngster I played all over that area and went down to the culvert that goes under Highway 21 nearly daily. Guys used to come there to fish and I would talk with them about fishing and the water levels. 

I remember guys telling about how the potato farmers around Plainfield were taking all the water and how that was lowering the lake levels. My dad never thought that was true, but it sounded good to me. I can show you a picture I took of the beach extending out about 20 feet from the water line taken about 1964. 

Years later while in the Navy, (1974?), I remember my folks writing to me that Irogami had started flowing into Silver and was not stopping. When I came home on leave, the water then was nearly up to the lawn. Dad had the shore filled with large rocks to prevent the loss of the lawn. This was years after people were saying the farmers were taking all the water.       

Mr. Wilke might be right, but my guess is that within a few years he might be looking for a small boat.

/s/ Ric Trexell, Berlin