Town of Leon resident raises concerns about ATVs on town and county roads

Letter to the Editor:
Although most residents in Waushara County are probably unaware of it, there is a movement afoot by a group of ATV enthusiasts to turn many of our town and county roads into designated ATV routes.

While it is not currently legal to drive ATVs on these roads, this group of supporters is currently seeking to have certain of our roads designated as exceptions to the rule. In effect, if this proposal passes, your town roads and county highways may soon become arteries for ATV enthusiasts.

Under this plan, only certain town roads and county highways will be designated for this purpose. This means that all of his new ATV traffic will be concentrated on those roads.

Before these routes can become a reality, it will be necessary to get the approval of both Waushara County and the towns affected. If this proposal becomes a reality, you may wake up one morning to the sounds of these machines (90 decibels) bouncing along the road that you live on.

To date, I have heard of no effort on the part of anyone involved in this proposal, neither from the promoters nor our representatives on the governing boards, to inform you that this may be about to happen.

I am a resident of the Town of Leon. Besides the obvious potential traffic hazards and noise that this proposal, if enacted, will create, there will be almost no economic benefit to the Town of Leon.

If you are concerned about this potential change to your world, you need to contact your elected representatives and voice your opinions.

/s/ Gary Sorenson, Pine River