Reader supports Dr. Ben Carson for president

To the Editor: 

I’ve been privileged to work with Run Ben Run committee to draft Dr. Ben Carson to run for president in 2016. Now that he has officially announced, I believe that campaign has been successful. Many people don’t know about Dr. Carson, and if they do they don’t understand why he is the person we need to run for the highest office of this country. The media is ignoring him and that’s why this is a grassroots campaign. The people will elect Dr. Carson.

Our country has been trending away from our diverse, but united population and is well on the way to becoming a nation of dependency and division among the populace.

Our country’s leaders are no longer concerned about fiscal responsibility and common sense budgeting. Special interest groups are ruling this has allowed our currency to become devalued. Politicians who push these types of policies are doing the most damage. Americans are becoming divided and class warfare, gender wars, racial divide are hurting all of us.

There are many candidates that might help to change the direction of this country is going, however, I believe there is only one that can begin to heal our nation’s problems for the long term and that is Dr. Ben Carson. Many say that he doesn’t have experience in politics, however, what have career politicians given us? Eighteen trillion dollars in debt, a bankrupt banking system, and unsecured border and embarrassment on the world stage. A person doesn’t have to be a career politician to be a leader. A reading of his biography “Gifted Hands” will explain why he can lead, under the most stress situations.

Dr. Carson is not a politician. He appeals to more than one constituency. He’s not afraid to talk about the tough issues, politically correct or not. He is truly asking for every vote. He believes that a strong country needs a strong society. We became strong by becoming independent individuals, reaching our true potential. It doesn’t mean starving poor people, or making disabled people work, it means teaching responsibility and encouraging everyone to discover their American dream, to support themselves. He believes that all Americans are created equal and have equal rights; he doesn’t believe that some have more rights than others.

Dr. Carson has proposed a fair or flat tax that would spur economic growth and make America the most attractive place to do business again, bring money back here instead of being outsourced and invested in tax shelters. He has a health care plan that is second to none. He wants what is best for all Americans and wants us to become energy independent by taking advantage of the resources we have right here. 

He is a wise man and is not afraid to surround himself with wise advisors on foreign policy and any issue for that matter. 

America needs a major change in direction and while I agree with many on the candidates I truly believe that Dr. Carson is the only one that can unite us again. He is concerned enough to come out of retirement to help this country regain life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I could say a lot more, Dr. Carson speaks for himself and maybe the press won’t cover him as well as the others. 

So I would suggest that people who want to know him listen to his speeches, or read one of his books. I recommend America The Beautiful or One Nation. Dr. Carson suggest that we stop being loyal to a party or system and use our brains to think of ourselves. I agree with that and I believe that America needs a breath of fresh air.

/s/ Kathy Pennau, Wautoma