Porters Lake Management treasurer and commissioner responds to resident’s letter

To the Editor:

I am the Treasurer and an elected Commissioner of the Porters Lake Management District. I am writing in response to comments made in a letter to the editor written by a district resident, Lee Kleinhaus, which appeared in the July 6, 2017, edition of the Waushara Argus.

Rather than respond to misstatements and omissions in Mr. Kleinhaus’s letter let me focus on why the District is performing its due diligence in considering the purchase of approximately 600 feet of undeveloped shoreline and its adjacent three acres of land.

Any human development of this land and shoreline presents a potential threat to the quality of the lake. Potential soil erosion and shoreline contamination can occur during construction. After construction runoff of water from impervious surfaces, potential leakage from septic systems, potential runoff of fertilizers and pesticides from lawns, clear cutting of trees for the vision corridor from the house to the lake shore and the damage to lake bottom from piers, boats and swimming can impact water quality.
Acquiring this land permanently protects this property and its near shore, lush aquatic plant populations and fish spawning beds. All lake district residents will benefit from this permanent protection.

Should a majority of District members vote affirmatively to proceed, this land will only be purchased if we are successful in securing a land acquisition grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Such a grant will pay 75 percent of the fair market value of the land and 75 percent of the costs the District incurs in purchasing the property. In addition to being able to purchase this property for 25 cents on the dollar the District will not pay property taxes since we are a governmental body.

As a District commissioner I believe I have a responsibility to bring ideas, such as this, to the members. Ultimately our members, not District commissioners, will decide whether we pursue this potential acquisition. This is democracy in its truest form.

/s/ Raymond C. “Skip” Hansen, Porters Lake Management District Treasurer