Neshkoro resident encourages to support local businesses

Shop locally…if you don’t our towns will be ghost towns in years to come.

Last week, I bought paint at Ace Hardware in Wautoma. I could have driven 45 minutes to Oshkosh to get 11 percent of at their sale.

I live in Neshkoro. It is 45 miles to Oshkosh and 8 miles to Wautoma. At 22 miles per gallon it would take 2 gallons of gas (one way), which is 4 gallons at $2.39 gallon, which is $9.56. You do the math! And, what about time spent?

I do go to Menards for things I cannot purchase locally at Ace or True Value, or Hardware Hank but think before you shop.

Let’s support ALL our local businesses. Big Brand Stores are not always the best buy! Just look around and see the local businesses that have gone out of business in your local area. 

/s/ Rosie Gulbronson, Neshkoro