Neshkoro resident encourages Montello to save their school

To the Editor, 

I’ve never written a Letter to the Editor. I don’t know how to be a magician with a school budget in tough times, but I do know about the aftermath of a closed school.

People feel bad driving by an empty storefront and the community looks less healthy, but the heart of a community breaks when a school closes. 

In Neshkoro our closed school is on Main Street. You couldn’t miss the empty swings and silent playground. Covering that broken heart is anger that “something should have been done.”  

With a hard working committee we have been fighting for three years to create an area community center from our closed school. We have had to batter our way through the swamp of lost hope that happens when a school closes. Property values drop, people move away and a community loses hope. Save your school in Montello. We are rooting for you. 

/s/ Karen Holseth-Broekema, Chair of the Neshkoro Area Community Center