Montello teacher concerned about district referendum

To the Editor:

I am a high school English teacher at the Montello School District who is concerned about the risks that the upcoming referendum poses to the future of our school and community. Every day, I see first-hand how the benefits of the school and its services are vital to the whole community. I suggest that to keep the community alive, we must do the same for the school.

While the referendum vote boils down to funds to keep the school running, building and maintaining a healthy community is more importantly about our families and their future. Family is why we all work so hard and sacrifice so much:  to make a better life for those we care about. We teachers are no different, but we also work hard to support the family that the community has become for us.  

We at the school believe in our role as the strong foundation, which our families can rely on.  As such, we are proud to help raise and educate the children so that parents can work hard and earn their own piece of the American Dream. 

With this opportunity, parents act as the bricks that build and shape our community. This work ethic creates a cycle of industry that benefits all of us—even those who may not have children in the district.  The better our community runs, the healthier we become, which then invites more families, and thus we grow. I, for one, owe the school a lot for allowing me a place to lay down my roots, build my career, and start my own family.

The school is the heart of this community and the referendum must pass to keep it beating. This is our opportunity to set the example for what hard work and coming together can achieve: we can save our community and make it great.  In fact, we are already seeing positive growth across many areas of academics, but we still have a long way to go. 

It will not be easy, but as we teach our children that “nothing worth doing will ever be easy,” we must remember that nothing is worth more than our children.  To save our community, our families, and our children, we must save our school.  Vote Yes for the Referendum.

/s/ James Taylor, Montello High School English teacher