Montello resident looks for support from community for referendum

To the Editor:

The Montello School District has one alternative to closing schools if the referendum does not pass on April 5, but nobody will like it and it does nothing to solve the problem. 

The need for a referendum was created by the sweeping cuts in state aid to K-12 schools. To compensate for these cuts, the district has made equally sweeping cuts in its budget. There is nothing else to cut without negatively impacting the quality of education being provided to our students. 

The district could borrow money up to the maximum allowed by its statutory borrowing limit. That could possibly extend the day it would need to close its doors, but the district would only postpone the inevitable and property tax payers would become responsible for the new debt plus the cost of borrowing that money. 

Montello is not alone in its plight. Hundreds of Wisconsin school districts are already operating on a voter-approved referendum or have referenda on the ballot this year. Many of these districts are seeking significantly more dollars than is being sought by the School Board in Montello. Many districts go to the voters every few years. 

The last time Montello voters approved a referendum was eight years ago. This is our chance. Vote yes on April 5. Nobody will like the alternative

/s/ Debbie Daniels, City of Montello