Millpond Steering Committee praises task force

To the Editor:

I am writing as past chairman of the City of Wautoma’s Pond Steering Committee, commending the commission’s efforts in serving our residents. It has been over two years of Central Wisconsin travels, pond project inspections, DNR meetings, City Council gatherings, finance planning, land procurement, and the like. Their diligence and efforts have served the citizens well and the city’s governance has approved a 9-point “pond” plan. The facts, discovery, and data have been completed and presented officially to the city.

The first three phases of the plan—Gables’ land procurement, brush removal, and terrestrial plant removal (burning) has been completed, readying the pond basin for plan completion and possible variations.

Wautoma’s newly formed “Action Team” now takes over the completion of the project and they are very competent and experienced in wetland projects. 

The citizens of Wautoma look forward, with pride, to the restoration of its heritage and historic pond. Our mission as a task force is complete. 

/s/Neal Olson, Millpond Task Force Chairman, Retired