Mattice appreciates Wautoma choir for their hard work and dedication

To the editor:

I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity to see the Wautoma High School musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

It is always a pleasure to attend productions in the McComb/Bruchs Performing Arts Center. Our talented group of choir students, along with the new directors Mr. Morrissey (high school) and Mr. Braatz (Parkside), achieved another spectacular production. This Old Testament tale of Joseph was turned into an amazing musical extravaganza. The tradition and quality of our music program continues.  

This fall musical certainly was a showcase of the talents a culmination of what a group of dedicated students and staff can accomplish. Students who may/or may not be able to excel in the regular school curriculum areas such as academics, clubs, or sports have this musical experience to excel. Involving the entire choir department, these students have a chance to be recognized for their musical talents.  

This was a culmination of their learning experiences: memorizing the songs, the choreography, the costumes, make-up design, sets, lighting, and even the creation of the program were fantastic.

Former WHS students recall their participation and leadership opportunities in these productions to be one of their most memorable high school experiences. The Wautoma Area School students will always get the opportunity to a positive, creative, learning environment. All of the students were shining and their hard work was appreciated.

/s/ Sue Mattice, Wautoma