Marquette ATV Club looking for off road trails in local counties

To the Editor:

In 2010, a group of ATV/UTV enthusiasts that included the owners of Longbranch Saloon in Germania wanted to enjoy the beauty of our local area and bring needed revenue to local businesses and established the Marquette County ATV Club, Inc., a nonprofit organization that currently has over 250 members and over 60 business members. 

The Wisconsin DNR suggested pursuing road routes instead of off road trails due to our area consisting of primarily agricultural land.

Members of the club have attended numerous township, village, and county board meetings requesting that certain town and county roads be available for ATV/UTV travel. Proposals were made that provided our local government officials with the pros and cons of having road routes in our area to increase tourism and revenue. We were met with opposition and at times flat out refusals, however after educating them on the laws and regulations and with the ever growing popularity of the sport in our area, they gave us a fighting chance and road routes were opened. 

There are currently over 300 miles of road routes in Marquette and Waushara Counties that are being enjoyed by local residents and visitors. Through membership fees and generous support of our local businesses supporting us with fundraisers, the Marquette County ATV Club is responsible and able to purchase and install all signs and educate riders by providing all new members with the most current “Wisconsin All-Terrain Vehicle and Utility-Terrain Vehicle Laws” booklet published by the Wisconsin DNR.

As of 2014, there were 332,989 machines registered in the State of Wisconsin. Of these, 27,977 were UTVs. This is up 8,536 from 2013. Marquette County has realized an increase in revenue partially due to the operating of ATV/UTV road routes. 

We are now looking to expand our original goal and open ATV/UTV trails of obtaining off road trails in Marquette and Waushara Counties. If you are an interested property owner in Marquette or Waushara Counties and are willing to have trails on your property, please call us. Property owners are not liable for personal injuries that may occur on their land pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes.

Help us increase local revenue in our area and make trail riding a reality in Marquette and Waushara Counties.

/s/Donna Richards, 

Marquette ATV Club Secretary

Maureen Wist, Marquette ATV Club Board Member