Local resident urges caution when traveling on County Road F

No one likes to see people hurt in car accidents. I live directly across from where the tragic accident occurred on County Road F where two people were recently killed. 

In the eight years that I have owned a home on this stretch, I have witnessed countless crashes, deer-car accidents and high-speed occurrences.  

A close resident mentioned that he removed 16 deer carcasses in one year from car-deer crashes. Being it is right on the county line it is not well maintained by the county and the road is not wide enough for the speeds on that corner, leaving deep trenches along the road that drag drivers into the ditch.  

This is the same location of a past accident in which people were killed. Is it time Waushara County takes action on this stretch of road to widen and maintain it, as well as place deer crossing signs to warn drivers? I worry every time I go to pull out of my driveway because this stretch of road is clearly a danger.  

Please take caution when driving this road.

/s/ Adam Umbreit, Berlin