Local resident addresses concerns regarding Pleasant View closing

As a concerned and involved grandparent of a child who currently attends Pleasant View School, I am writing in response to the article about the school closing. 

Pleasant View families were not given any notification that the school closing was an item on the school board’s agenda for the March 22 meeting. They found out about it from the article in the Waushara Argus

While members of the public were allowed to speak at the meeting, they were not heard. The school board had already made their decision prior to the meeting. The public speaking opportunity was just a formality. 

Most of the board members did not look at the family members who spoke, let alone make eye contact. Pleasant View School is a very special school environment, family members were emotional in their statements to the board. 

I believe this situation could have, and should have, been handled with more con-cern and consideration for the people affected by a decision like this. It’s unfortunate that in the current political climate, with public mistrust of elected officials in Washington, DC, and Madison, as voters and constituents we also can’t trust the people who we elect at the local level to listen to us and represent our concerns.

/s/ Maureen Powless, Redgranite, Town of Warren