Local NRA member voices opinion regarding gun ownership

To the Editor:

We finally have proof that our world has lost all sense of “common sense” and gone bonkers!

I see that now some of the big companies and corporations are blaming me and the other 5+ million members of the National Rifle Association, all good Godfearing, hardworking, country-loving gun owners, for the terrible tragedy of the Parkland, FL, shooting. 

Seriously? I didn’t know I was responsible for what that mentally deranged youngster did. And, if it makes you feel better, to pass a law that says you can’t buy a gun until you’re 21 years of age, OK – I could live with that.

Then I would suggest that we change the drinking age to 23, with your reasoning – it would follow that we will no longer have a problem with drunk drivers.    

/s/ Gary Wood, D.D.S., Wautoma