Former resident extends appreciation to rescue workers

I would like to extend appreciation to the Waushara County 911 Center, Waushara County Sheriff’s Department and the Waushara County Search and Rescue Team who assisted my son and me on Nov. 24, 2014.

I stopped hunting 16 years ago after the passing of my father. As I pulled away from hunting and forest craft I also failed to pass on my experience to my sons. An error I have now started to rectify. 

I wrongly assumed I would required no pre-scouting to reacquaint myself with the public hunting land that I worked and hunted in my younger days…my sons story proves a bit more unnerving, but I can only share with you mine.

Later, after I heard the full story from my son and my mom, I can tell you Waushara County is blessed with having such a knowledgeable, skilled and collaborative group of individuals and agencies in charge of search and rescue. These individuals are committed and take their responsibilities seriously and courageously.

Our family is very grateful and again extends gratitude to all of you who were part of that search and rescue. From the 911 operator to the young man who gave up his front seat for me, only to sit on the tailgate of the open four wheel Jeep asking for the heat to be cranked up.

You have inspired me to help, to do good, to save. You also reminded me of a community I was a part of and left awhile back, only now again realizing that it is still a part of me. I am looking forward to giving back. 

God bless and I hope you enjoyed your holidays in peace and tranquility. And know because of your efforts ours were spent the same way. 

/s/ Jesse Ramirez, Madison