Family of Robert Kasun expresses appreciation to sheriff and district attorney

On March 6, 2013, our family was devastated by the brutal murder of our brother and son, Robert J. Kasun.

Sheriff David Peterson, his command officers and deputies, along with the Wisconsin Department of Justice investigators, tirelessly and thoroughly examined the crime scene, collected evidence and interviewed witnesses. Their outstanding work led to the arrest of Travis Petersen. After Sheriff Peterson retired, Sheriff Jeffrey Nett diligently maintained the integrity of the evidence.

District Attorney Scott C. Blader and his staff meticulously constructed a sensible and comprehensive trial plan, including the retention of respected expert witnesses. At trial, District Attorney Blader skillfully presented and explained the evidence to a Waushara County jury.

So compelling was the case assembled by Sheriff Peterson, Sheriff Nett, and District Attorney Blader, that the jury needed only two hours to convict Mr. Petersen of Robert’s murder.

Our family is not from Waushara County. Robert had moved to Waushara County because of its beauty and peace. When this happened, we were required to place our trust in total strangers. We had no say in who was elected to the office of Waushara County Sheriff or District Attorney.

However, through our experience we wish that the good people of Waushara County know and understand that those whom they have placed in these positions of trust and power are deserving and honorable.

Please take a moment to celebrate, take pride, and join our family in thanking retired Sheriff Peterson, Sheriff Nett, District Attorney Blader and all those who assisted them for finding justice for Robert. 

s/s The Family of Robert J. Kasun