Cummings believes Wautoma downtown is not deteriorating

To the Editor: 

I applaud Joanne Nelson’s Letter to the Editor in the April 8 Waushara Argus, as I too personally felt “disappointed” by the downtown deteriorating comment.

I am 44 year nearby resident of the area, three years as a former city resident, and I have seen many, many encouraging improvements.

The Master Gardeners do just an amazing job and Halloween decorations are great, but be sure to take them down after the holiday.

I do wish the library mural could be improved or covered over if need be and could the school art classes or Rural Rembrandts be allowed to do decorative things to empty windows…incorrect or closed window business signs could be deleted and a crooked sheet in the doorway be straightened.

I’ve been teased when I comment that after coming home from an out-of-town ride that I look at Wautoma with new eyes and I am personally proud of my town.

I’m always excited for any new downtown businesses or renovations and say a silent prayer that they may succeed. 

/s/ Linda M. Cummings, retired former Wautoma employee/proud resident