Coloma resident looks to protect the Second Amendment

To the Editor:

Why would the founding fathers make owning a gun a Constitutional right? It was a given that most everyone in colonial times had a gun to protect oneself and hunt with.

What inspired them was not only individual ownership but also the realization that a tyrannical government is never far away. Both historically and ever-present, as it is today, there were, and are, countries ruled by tyranny.

The first that an oppressive government will do is take away weapons and speech. Once the ability to bear arms is gone and the ability is gone and ability of free speech is gone, every corner of our Constitution will erode. Is this the path we want to take?

Gruesome tragedies are not the result of the Second Amendment, but are to:

1)    The lack of commitment of society to protect;

2)    The minimal use of knowledge and technology;

3)    The loss of God!    

/s/ David Dietnberger, Co-loma