Argus reader appreciates Austin Norlin sharing his story

To the Editor: 

There was an article in the Waushara Argus on Sept. 2 about Austin Norlin’s trip home from Portland to Wautoma.

It was a wonderful article, it proves there are wonderful, caring people in the world. There are so many bad news stories today, it would be great if all could read Austin’s journal. 

I’m wondering if Austin contacted the people who were so kind to him. It would also be fun for Katie Schaefer, news editor, to contact them to see what they thought about this brave young man and what he was doing. 

Austin was right in saying he knew he could count on his new friends if he needed their help. The police officer was so nice that brought a tear.

I know this is late in coming, but I want to thank Austin for sharing his journal with all of us; it was as special as you are. Thanks also to Katie Schaefer for the great article.


/s/ Patricia Johnson, Wautoma