Area resident voices concern over Porters Lake Association Meeting

To the Editor:

In regards to the Saturday, June 24, Porters Lake Association Meeting, the agenda was to vote on the purchase of the Jarvis Lake property and public access mentioned in the previously received letter by the U.S. Mail to members prior to the meeting.

Due to a recent death of the Porters Lake Association Chairman Don Dalton the meeting was to be cancelled and/or votes tabled until the new or fill-in chairman was appointed.

Concerns brought to the members:

• The first vote of hands not counted by Skip Hansen was not to purchase the above said property.
• The late Mr. Dalton, the previous chairman, gave information to members if unable to make the meeting a written vote would be accepted.
• Skip Hansen ruled not to accept Mr. Dalton’s mail or accept a letter from a member personally brought to the meetings.
• Change of menu went to the vote on assessment of the Jarvis lake property, that had most recently had assessed tax reduction of $9,000 +.
• Did not all Mt. Morris receive a current re-assessment lowering property value and raising mill rate in 2016?

There was a vote to move forward and spend funds to re-assess the Jarvis property. This particular property was reassessed in 2016 with all other Mt. Morris residences.

I am not a judge or know Porters Lake Legal Rules only bringing these views for the public fairness and to those members in contact.

/s/ Lee Kleinhaus, Wautoma.