Area resident believes in common sense government

To the editor,

I live in a rural area, and I often see farmers fighting governmental interference in an effort to keep their farms in operation. The federal government needs to understand the cost that regulations have on farmers and how our food growers are being pushed to financial ruin. I am glad President Trump is working to ease government pressure.

When President Obama attempted to ban a safe and common pesticide, even his own experts disagreed. Banning pesticides that have not been shown to be hazardous only hurts farmers. The requirement to report livestock waste emissions created yet another burden, and little to no measurable advantage was gained. Our farmers and ranchers deserve better.

My brother-in-law raises cash crops on a few hundred acres, and when he wanted to build a pond, he faced government attempts to seize control. It all boils down to control, and too much control stifles productivity. It’s a good thing President Trump and his EPA are changing that.

We need more common sense in all areas of government. We should remove laws that duplicate or contradict each other. Doing so would certainly make it easier to enforce those that remain. Regulatory reform will help the economy, making businesses and farmers more profitable. Ultimately, everyone will benefit from that, so President Trump is definitely headed in the right direction.


/s/Donald R. Groskreutz