Hornets shut out by Rosholt

The Wautoma baseball team was shut out in seven innings by the non-conference visiting Rosholt Hornets, 8-0, on March 28.

Rosholt would take an early lead in the bottom of the second inning earning 6 runs against Damean Netzler, Wautoma’s starting pitcher. Netzler would give up one more run in the bottom of the third before relief pitcher Will Eagan would take over.

One run would be scored against Eagan in the three innings he would pitch, and Cade Panich would finish off the game for Wautoma on the mound pitching in the seventh inning.

With the hosts recording eight errors over the course of seven innings, it proved to be too difficult for the Hornets to make a comeback.

“The story of the game is making routine plays,” stated Head Coach Joe Anklam. “It’s hard to win game when you commit eight errors.”

The losing pitcher for Wautoma was Damean Netzler who pitched three innings and recorded 8 strike outs, 2 walks, 3 hits and 7 runs. Will Eagan would also pitch three innings and would tally 5 strike outs, 2 hits and 1 run, while Cade Panich would pitch one inning and record 2 strikeouts and 2 walks.

Leading hitters for Wautoma were: Damean Netzler, 1-1, and Noe Pena, 1-1.