The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:

• 2/21/18: U.S. Bank Na-tional Association to CR 2018 LLC, $8,100. Village of Redgranite.

• 2/23/18: Ruth L. Myers Survivor’s Trust to Jeffrey T. Stephanie M. Laundre, $35,000. Town of Mt. Morris.

• 2/23/18: Michael E. Reilly to Michael J. Jungwirth, $174,500. Town of Marion. 

• 2/23/18: Chandler Rev-ocable Trust to Katherine R. Chandler, $13,000. Town of Springwater.

• 2/23/18: Bryan M. and Laura K. Homolka to Jeffrey W.M. and Jamie K. Boyd, $212,000. Town of Hancock. 

• 2/26/18: Choice Bank to Paul R. and Sherri Getchel, $122,500. Town of Dakota.

• 2/26/18: Marica Johnson to Clayton MC Keel, $75,000. Village of Coloma. 

• 2/27/18: Gerald and Nadine Warsek to Peggy R. Brown, $56,500. Town of Dakota. 

• 2/27/18: Thomas and Barbara Jean Edwards to David H. and Audra D. Mead, $290,000. Town of Wautoma.