Waushara County property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:

• 12/6/17: Richard E. and Lynn E. Jansen to Joseph Lyn and Brenda Faye Miller, $317,500. Town of Mt. Morris.

• 12/6/17: Kathleen R. Wellner to Billy G. and Pamela L. Stafford, $33,000. Village of Hancock.

• 12/6/17: Dale J. and Anna M. Ellicson to John F. and Patricia A. Schaetz, $85,000. Town of Saxeville.

• 12/6/17: MMFF Trans-ition Trust to David J, Feyrer, $17,850. Town of Oasis.

• 12/6/17: Adolfo and Hanna M. Mejia to Nikki L. Bender, $102,500. Town of Plainfield.

• 12/7/17: The Thoma Trust to Daniel L. and Marie H. Reid, $84,000. Village of Plainfield.

• 12/7/17: John T. and Elia Torres to Daniel P. and Martha E. Lambright, $65,000. Town of Richford.

• 12/7/17: Barbara J. Herwig to Todd and Diana Koziczkowski, $125,000. Town of Hancock.

• 12/7/17: Gorski Rentals LLC to Plainfield Mobile Park LLC, $200,000. Village of Plainfield.

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