Waushara County property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:

• 9/26/17: Mark Make-mson, as successor trustee of the Virginia M. Prehn Revocable Trust, to Daniel R. and Jennifer L. Baranczyk, $132,000. Town of Wautoma.

• 9/26/17: Roland W. Ode Jr., as personal repre-sentative of the Estate of Roland W. Ode, Sr., to Jay M. Hartz, $215,000. Town of Mt. Morris.

• 9/26/17: Steven A. Bentz to William J. and Carole L. Symanski, $82,000. Town of Richford.

• 9/26/17: Kristin M. Zahorik, personal repre-sentative of the Estate of Carol R. Zahorik, to Frank Rebarchek, $130,000. Town of Leon.

• 9/27/17: 4MS and Boone, LLC to Daniel J. Braun, $285,000. Town of Poy Sippi.

• 9/28/17: Benson Fam-ily Revocable Trust to Acee A. Christman, Jr. and Jennifer L. Christman, $70,000. Town of Wautoma.

• 9/28/17: Vicki Rom-portl to Richard F. Keller, $11,000. Town of Saxeville.

• 9/28/17: Jay H. Klinger to Richard Stemper, $25,500. City of Berlin.

• 9/28/17: Judy A. Neuens to Christopher A. Neuens, $15,000. Town of Coloma.

• 9/28/17: Mersim and Isabel Mena to Land for Tomorrow, LLC, $15,000. Town of Aurora.

• 9/28/17: Charles L. and Joni Lecy Siewert to Robert M. and Susan J. Juneau, $174,900. Town of Marion.

• 9/29/17: Brian W. and Tara J. Genrich to Jerry and Amy Krupka, $29,000. Town of Oasis.

• 10/2/17: Christpher V. Hawlish to Justin Mentink, $110,000. Village of Redgranite.

• 10/2/17: Anthony Romero to Bradley F. Kososki, Jr., $70,000. Town of Leon.

• 10/2/17: Mark F. Ostrowski to Michael J. Laflin, $5,000. Town of Springwater.

• 10/3/17: Ralph E. Wiedmeyer to Brenda L. Vertz, $65,000. Town of Poy Sippi.

• 10/3/17: Gordon Louis and Laine Nichols to Jonathan G. and Randi A. Emig, $151,750. Town of Springwater.