Waushara County property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:

• 9/20/17: Robert A. Keihl, James Keihl and David Keihl to Cynthia Lavalliere, $75,000. Town of Marion.

• 9/20/17: Steven J. and Cindy L. Zastrow to Kyle M. Hermans, $29,500. Town of Rose.

• 9/20/17: Haven A. Weckwerth Trust to DLM, LLC, $17,500. Village of Wild Rose.

• 9/20/17: Michael Grind-emann to Sergio and Susana Sierra, $34,000. Village of Plainfield.

• 9/20/17: Herrmann Fam-ily Land Trust to James M. and Kristine L. Serwe, $32,500. Town of Saxeville.

• 9/20/17: Alan D. and Jane V. Wilcox Revocable Trust to Sand Land LLC, $300,000. Town of Dakota.

• 9/21/17: Realmad Hold-ings & Investments LLC to Timothy and Brenda Schuh, $135,500. Town of Marion.

• 9/22/17: Paul Kelley to Michael J. Pearsall, $100,000. Village of Hancock.

• 9/22/17: Daniel F. Wes-sley to Anthony and Kathleen J. Malone, $290,000. Town of Mt. Morris.

• 9/25/17: David and Mary Heale to James and Sandra Gurgel, $135,400. Town of Bloomfield.

• 9/25/17: Stephen B. and Linda K. Allie to Justin T. Cox, $23,800. Town of Saxeville.

• 9/25/17: Randy Powell to Wendy Tomter, $4,000. Town of Marion.

• 9/25/17: Debra Cox to Greg K. Stern, Tammy Blied, Kimberly Tagliapietra and Tonya Zakovec, $45,560. Town of Springwater.

• 9/25/17: Melissa S. Pitzen to Evergreen Resort LLC, $71,500. Town of Springwater.