Montello resident unhappy with current DNR deer tagging practices

To the editor:

O Deer, what happened to the DNR? Tourists come to Wisconsin to see live deer, not rotting car-killed carcasses along the roadway. At one time, we actually had deer pick-up people.

This year a new deer tagging system or so-called “honor” system was created. In an article in the Wisconsin State Journal Sunday edi-tion before deer season, a spokesman for the DNR stated that they “think” 85 percent of hunter registered their deer online or by phone. This is an example of the honor system?

Deer licenses now come on stationary paper. I used a scissors to cut out three tags. They could have been fraudulently copied many times on a copy machine. The DNR must have anticipated this happening as in the new rule book they warned against carrying more tags than were issued. It was advised to have your tags in a baggie along with a zip tie to put on your deer.

The tag, though, didn’t have to be attached to the deer until you left it. That was confusing at best. What did “leaving” it mean? It could mean while in possession of your “untagged” deer, you gassed up your car at Kwik Trip or elsewhere, went inside to pay, but “left” your deer, thus subjecting yourself to a ticket.

What happened to the age-old rule of tagging your deer upon killing it, thus avoiding possible violations of this new law?

For my doe tags, I had to specify if I was hunting on private or public lands, and if I harvested one, it had to be in Marquette County only. I couldn’t shoot the doe in an adjoining county.

In addition, the ATV law requires us to display a license plate on the rear of the ATV. However, we have to make the license plate ourselves. 

I also have been hearing there is a possibility of reorganizing the DNR again. I know times change, but they should change for the better.

/s/ Phil Zieman, Retired DNR Warden, Montello