Think creatively to discover unique gifts in your town

To the Editor:

Shopping locally keeps our communities a fun place to live as well as saves time and gas cost.   But the biggest benefit will be that rather than fighting stressed out crowds at the mall you’ll have a friendly conversation with a local merchant and neighbor.        

Wild Rose has compiled a list of local gift ideas, many can be found in each Waushara Community. Other towns are invited to develop their own flier of local gift ideas to share via email, Facebook, bulletin boards and with copies at local stores.   

Visit to get in-spiration from our list to shop in your nearest community.   

Little things do add up, imagine if only 1/3 of the adults in Waushara County (6,000 people) each spend $50 locally – that’s $300,000! Wow, what a Merry Christmas for all!        

/s/ Vicki Martin, Township of Wautoma