Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) will host a college-wide open house in Wautoma on Oct. 4. The 5.09 Welding Academy will be featured at the Wautoma location. The Welding Academy partners high school credential seekers with the Welding Fundamentals Certificate. The first class of students will be graduating in December and the college is officially opening enrollment for the next class on the night of the open house.

Welding Academy open house at Wautoma FVTC on Oct. 4

While the Wautoma Regional Center lies in the outermost regions of the Fox Valley Technical College district, all eyes are on a new hybrid initiative that boasts the power to propel high school credential seeking students into high demand careers in welding.

The program, known as the 5.09 Welding Academy, takes a unique approach to helping students earn their HSED and the Welding Fundamentals Certificate of the Welding Program. Students meet two nights per week for 4 hours each night to receive integrated instruction from Adult Basic Education instructor, Laurie Jarvis, and Welding instructor, Jessie Lloyd.  

This integrated instruction method has proven effective in helping students who may have otherwise struggled with the basic academic skills necessary to succeed in a college program. Javier Loa is a student who has previously worked with Jarvis on getting his high school equivalency diploma, or HSED, and is now enrolled in the Welding Academy with the hopes of finishing both his HSED and earning the Welding Fundamentals Certificate.

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