Al-Anon Corner

This week I would like to share about gratitude. I know when I came into the program, I did not feel grateful for anything. How could I feel gratitude when I was so unhappy about all the problems we were having due to drinking?

I sure couldn’t be thankful for the problem drinker, after all, he got us into these problems. If he would have only, was my mantra… kind of late for that kind of thinking.

It got so unbearable that I had to do something about me, as I could not handle what was going on in our home. 

I, by the hand of God led myself there, along with so many others. They could not talk about gratitude and I would not listen. It was not pretty. I was a real grouch about all of it, and certainly not thankful. 

I would hear how other members felt about the men they loved, helpless to stop the madness.

It wasn’t long as I started using the loving Al-Anon program to help me to still love him. Grateful to God for getting me to Al-Anon. When I was grateful, I couldn’t be hateful at the same time.

I learned to keep giving him to God and keeping my hands off, and things started getting better. My list of gratitudes is getting longer the longer I stay in Al-Anon. 

Would you like to start feeling grateful? We would love to have you. We meet Tuesday nights at the CAPsell building, conference room C at 6:30 p.m. There is also a meeting at noon on Mondays at the Hope Lutheran Church. Both meetings are in Wautoma. Look forward to seeing you.

Peace and serenity,

Debbie W.