Al-Anon Corner

Al-Anon has become a way of life for me. I do as it has suggested for me to do. I start my day with reading my daily readers and sit quietly with my Higher Power, of whom, I choose to call God. I have to call on him numerous times of the day to help me through. It is when I forget to do that, I run into problems with my thinking or actions.

I work the 12 steps, to the best of my ability. Most times I just have to feel my feelings and then let them go. Before Al-Anon, I only knew two feelings. Anger and fear. They ruled me. Al-Anon taught me how to rid myself of them.

Sure, I still get angry, but now I can reason it out and know what I am really feeling is hurt or disappointment. Those I can deal with, without either giving someone the silent treatment or tearing him down. That is jut one example of how Al-Anon has helped me.

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