Al-Anon Corner

When I first started in Al-Anon, I heard the statement... “You keep doing what you’re doing, and you will keep getting what you’re getting. Do you like what you are getting?”

I took that home with me and I really thought about that. Wow. How profound, I thought.

I knew I didn’t like what I was getting. The accusations, that it’s because of me that he had to go drink. I would end up crying after he left. If only I was pretty enough or something, also the angry words thrown at me, and my feelings of guilt even though I knew that I had done nothing wrong. I would think to myself, “What would happen if I really did something?”

As I kept attending Al-Anon meetings, I learned that I did not have to take them to heart. I could walk out of the room and read one of the pages from one of my daily readers, or I could call someone on my phone list to help me through this.

I also learned that I had to protect that list not do it in front of him. I had to respect their anonymity and keep it in the confines of my mind. What was said and their name. Just as when someone would call me. I wanted them to protect mine.

Anonymity is a huge part of our program. Won’t you come join us?

We meet at Hope Lutheran Church in Wautoma, on Mondays at noon and Wednesday evenings at 6:30. I do hope to see you there at one of the meetings.

Peace to you,

Debbie W.