Al-Anon Corner

I had to look at how long I lived with this problem of drinking. It started out innocent enough. We would go and do social drinking. I could stop at one drink. He could not. (By the way, this happens to women also.)

As he drank more and more often, things got worse for me. As his drinking progressed, my involvement grew. My nagging, complaining, controlling, cleaning up his messes and taking over more and more of his responsibilities. I cried more and more, and ended up fighting with him more.

I also threatened more, but did not carry them out. I wanted to believe him so badly, and yet was let down over and over again.

Finally, I’d had enough and walked through the doors of Al-Anon and started learning about the problem drinking/alcoholism. I don’t know if he is an alcoholic or not.

All I know is, I was so miserable I had to do something about me; and for me.

Come join us at Hope Lutheran Church, Wautoma. Meetings are every Monday at noon and/or Wednesday evening at 6:30. Peace to you. 

A grateful member,

Debbie W.