Waushara County marriage licenses issued in July

Waushara County Clerk Melanie R. Stake issued the following marriage licenses during July 2015:

•Corey Blair Schroeder, Town of Hancock, and Michelle Darlene Edwards, Town of Hancock.

•Nathan Frederick Meier, Town of Ames, and Sarah Ann Dugenske, Town of Rose.

•Leighton Bennett Green, Town of Richford, and Mary Ann Turner, City of Fayetteville.

•Scott Andrew Phillips, Town of Mt. Morris, and Brandi Jo Doherty, Town of Mt. Morris.

•David Michael Clark, Village of Wild Rose, and Amanda Marie Bronk, Village of Wild Rose.

•Matthew David Phipps, Village of Coloma, and Jeneveve Deanette Culver, Village of Coloma.

•Travis James Wagner, Town of Wautoma, and Brittany Lee Harms, Town of Wautoma.

•Timothy Andrew Boehler, Village of Wild Rose, and Sarah Beth Kniffen, Village of Wild Rose.

•Ciprian Fuerte Camp-uzano, Town of Saxeville, and Abbey Barbara Bates, Town of Saxeville.

•Daniel Robert Dahlke, City of Wautoma, and Molly Bea Wakeley, City of Wautoma.

•Benjamin John Zacharias, Village of Wild Rose, and Nicole Ruth Davis, Village of Wild Rose.

•Corey Danell Munn, City of Wautoma, and Chimer’a Joy Wickert, City of Wautoma. 

•Jeremy William Celeste, City of Wautoma, and Jessica Kathrine Fredrick, City of Wautoma.

•Timothy Isaac Solarek, City of Wautoma, and Krista Marie Kasuboski, City of Wautoma. 

•Liam Michael Doyle, City of West Chicago, and Jodi Lynn Ebert, City of West Chicago.