Al-Anon Corner

So many times I suffered disappointment from my problem drinker. I would find him in lies, outright lies, betrayal and broken promises. He swore he’d never get drunk again, and I would believe. I pushed it down again and again, as I so wanted to believe him. When the next promise came, of course I thought this time would be different and I would trust him again. I could not accept the reality of the situation. It seemed like I was forever disappointed.

For years I continued with that same scenario, and it ended with me crying and all upset. Hating him. My stomach all in knots. My stomach indigestion worsened and I became very sick. I went to the Dr. and he found I had an ulcer. He told me it was due to my stress. It’s not what you are eating, it is what is eating you. I did get meds for my ulcer and they healed the ulcer.

After many more years of disappointment and uncertainty, someone suggested Al-Anon to me. I am so grateful I took their suggestion. I learned about my expectations, my lack of not trusting myself, because I really knew deep down he was lying or whatever, and he would not stop for me. I had to face the reality and put my trust in Al-Anon and what I was learning. There were people there that I could rely on.

Members shared their experience, strength and hope with me. I would hear exact same behaviors in my home. Their ideas on how they changed things, and did things differently and things became better for them and I knew it would work for me too.

If you recognize anything here, please come and try it with us. We meet every Monday at noon and Wednesday evening at 6:30 at Hope Lutheran Church, Wautoma, by A&W.


Looking forward to meeting you,

Debbie W.