Al-Anon Corner

 Here we are and the big 4th of July has come and gone. As usual, for him, it was spent drunk. For me, it was extra company, more food to prepare, get them a beer, go on a trip to town for more beer, dragging the kids along, cussing him out, and crying when no one can see me. 

I give him the silent treatment, and he gets mad. Before I know it we are in a terrible verbal fight on the couch, wishing we’d never met. I would cry myself to sleep, feeling sorry for myself. Why can’t he see what he is doing to me and the kids?

I really thought things would be different this time as he said he wouldn’t do that again, but here we are again... him drinking and me yelling and nagging at him. It has been the same scenario for years. But this time it is different. I announce to him when he is sobered up that I was leaving. He asked why and I said I have had enough, you won’t quit and I can’t live like this anymore.

He promised he would not drink as much, and I went to Al-Anon to find answers on how to stop him from drinking. What I found was a group of understanding people that shared their experience, strength and hope with me. They armed me with daily readers, pamphlets, meeting lists and people to contact if I need to talk. 

I was encouraged to keep coming back, and I did. I have not quit and have no intention on quitting. No one told me it would be easy, but it is a simple program. If they can make changes so can I.

Won’t you come join us? What do you have to lose? We meet Wed. eve at 6:30 p.m. and noon on Mondays at Hope Lutheran Church, Wautoma. Hope to see you there.

Peace... Debbie W.