Eunice Stevens, Trustee of the Harry C. Schroeder Testamentary Trust presented checks last week to Al Luebben and Gary Christensen, representing the McComb/Bruchs PAC, Tommy Bohler, City Administrator, and Marv Nielsen, President of the Waushara-Wautoma Senior Citizens Center.

Harry Schroeder leaves trust and estate distributions

The balance in the Harry Schroeder Trust account is now being distributed due to the death of his son, Russell Schroeder.  The distributions to the McComb/Bruchs Performing Arts Center, Waushara-Wautoma Senior Center, Inc., City of Wautoma and St. Agnesian Hospice will be approximately $51,000 each.

There will be ap-proximately $310,000 going into the Harry Schroeder Scholarship Charity.  This will be held in trust and the earnings will be distributed to Wautoma High Schools students for scholarships annually for many years to come.

Harry Schroeder was a substantial contributor to the Wautoma Skate Park Fund and after his death left approximately $68,000 to improve the baseball diamonds and tennis courts at Bird Creek Park.   Harry left approximately $32,000 to the Performing Arts Center, $15,000 to Waushara/Wautoma Senior Center Inc., and $89,000 to the Harry Schroeder Scholarship Fund.

Harry started giving out scholarships in 1988 and Wautoma High School students have benefitted from his scholarships every year since.  The earnings from his funds each year continue to provide scholarships.  Harry specifically wanted to benefit those graduates who had the potential to achieve but not the available funds to further their education.  Harry is fondly remembered as the carry-out man at the IGA grocery store.

Russell Schroeder has left his entire state to form a Russell Schroeder Sch-lolarship Charity that will pay out it’s earnings annually to Wautoma High School students.  The community is so blessed by the generosity of Harry and Russell Schroeder.